You Can Get More Blog Readers With Free Reports

It’s a given that being a blogger you have a considerable amount of content written. This content is the life blood of your blog’s traffic and readership. Your posts are the lead factor that brings visitors in and turns visitors into readers.

Given that you’ve already done the work to write all of those posts In the natural process of blogging, it would be awesome to find ways to reuse it to get even more use from it.

That’s where free reports come into the picture. By offering free reports on the topic your blog is about you can allow the report to be distributed from other places and the readers back to your own blog.

What’s really great with this technique is that you already have created all of the articles you could ever need to write free reports. You won’t have to actually create a bunch of new content to make your free short report, you can just use archived blog posts.

You just need to select three to seven archived posts from your blog that are related and combine them into a new report. Use a pdf builder tool to compile the articles into a complete report and make it available for visitors to download. Be sure to include a page that informs people that they can put your short report on their own blog to let other people download it too.

Now when other bloggers read this report some of them will choose to put your report on their website for their readers to download. This will advertise your blog to many new readers who might not have visited your blog otherwise. And some of these visitors could elect to link to your free report from their own websites also, which will expose your blog even more in an ever widening circle of targeted new readers.

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